Your book (Pearls for Pigs) has been a major part of my life since I was introduced to it in 2013! Going through a very devastating time in my life, I was given your book and I started reading it everyday. Your words have inspired and encouraged me then and have continued to bless me even now! God has blessed you to be a blessing to others and I can truly say you have successfully done that! I love you and I pray for your ministry to reach the world and continue to change lives!!!!! Thank you!!!!!

S. Hamlin

Pearls For Pigs by my sister Kenita Smith is a daily dose of inspiration and motivation for me. I found myself having to resist going ahead as the inserts were short and intriguing. As a single mother and nursing student, life has a way of showing you what you are lacking. However, this book keeps me lifted and assured that there is a bright future ahead of me. I am thankful for the daily reminder!

L. Pierce

I have so many testimonies pertaining to your book which have blessed me tremendously, but one In particular is on the one about not wanting my pass to catch up with me as moses felt , and it was amazing how I was writing in my journal about it on the same date you wrote on it in your book, unknowing to me, so when i flipped to the page i was so blessed. Me feeling inadequate as he did brought tears to my eyes. But not sad tears, because God can use me as well. your book has really blessed me beyond words Min. Kenita. Pearls for pigs is a great book to read as a daily devotional. The scriptures and encouraging words really lift you up. They’re like daily vitamins that your spirit man needs everyday to stay spiritually energized. I am looking forward to the next one in this series.

R. Jenkins & S. Jenkins

Life brings us up and downs with that we often look for motivation or to be uplifted. The gems given in Pearls for Pigs has done both! It is a my daily dose of Coffee! A Must Read to Enjoy!

K. Rochaun

Pearls for Pigs is amazing. It helps you start each day in faith and every passage always seemed to be exactly what I needed.

M. Buck

I’m loving my book! Thank you again.

M. Villa