About Kenita

Some information about Kenita:

As a young anointed, powerful, and humble servant of God, Minister Kenita Smith is passionate about sharing the Word of God with others in need of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

A surrendered, spirit-filled, vessel, Minister Smith makes herself available to be used by God to bring people into relationship with Him through Jesus Christ by administering the Word of God, prayer, writing, and prophecy.

At a very young age, this Woman of God has walked a path that has included trials, struggles, sickness, heartbreak, and betrayals yet God brought her through it all teaching her how to rely on Him and trust His plan.

Her ministry, Words of Life, encourages and uplifts those who encounter the Word of God through her. Minister Kenita Smith was born and raised in Champaign, Illinois.

Her love for God began at the tender age of six when she gave her heart to Jesus and was baptized.

She strayed from the Church during her teenage years but made her way back to the Lord in her early twenties. At age twenty-five, she had a unique encounter with God that forever changed her walk with Him. It was then that she realized the importance of a relationship with God, and the call of God on her life.

The anointing of God was strong upon her. She began to see visions and have dreams with messages for God’s people. At the age of twenty-nine she preached her first sermon, and has since moved forward in gifts of prophecy, teaching, evangelism, healing and deliverance, and exhortation. It didn’t take long for her Pastor, Charles W. Bennafield, to see the call of God on her life.

On June 12, 2011, at the age of thirty-one, she was licensed as a minister, and she has operated as a member of the leadership team at Crossroads Community Church Stone Mountain, GA, since the age of twenty-nine. In 2012, God opened the door for Kenita’s first book to be published, called Pearls for Pigs: Taking you through what God brought you to. Her one-minute devotional has been known to motivate and inspire others while walking this walk of faith.

In addition to her ministry background, Minister Smith has her M.A in Christian Studies, M.B.A with a concentration in Healthcare Management, and is the President/CEO & Founder of a nonprofit called H.O.P.E, Inc. which serves low-income single parents working to obtain a college degree.

In spite of losing her late husband and becoming a young widow at the age of thirty-six, Kenita’s ministry is still going strong extending to all genders, nationalities, ethnicity, and ages. She has since remarried to Ronald Smith, Sr. and is the mother of Dre’don, Marcus, Ronald, Jr., and step-mother to Deon Lewis, Jr..